States With The Highest DUI Percentages

You may not be aware that the state in which you live has a large number of DUI arrests.  We went through several articles and found some numbers on states with the highest percentages.  For a more thorough breakdown, please check out the Live Science website for more detailed information.

The survey broked down the states with reports of drunk driving incidents per 1000 people living in the state.  How does your state fair?

1. Alabama                                                        539

2.    Alaska                                                            N/A

3.    Arizona                                                          300

4.    Arkansas                                                       N/A

5.    California                                                     375

6.    Colorado                                                      477

7.    Connecticut                                                 558

8.    Delaware                                                     729

9.    District of Columbia                                   409

10.Florida                                                          539

11.Georgia                                                         491

12.Hawaii                                                          995

13.Idaho                                                            362

14.Illinois                                                          475

15.Indiana                                                         432

16.Iowa                                                             715

17.Kansas                                                          482

18.Kentucky                                                      388

19.Louisiana                                                      811

20.Maine                                                           324

21.Maryland                                                      527

22.Massachusetts                                              510

23.Michigan                                                      497

24.Minnesota                                                    646

25.Mississippi                                                   N/A

26.Missouri                                                      569

27.Montana                                                      885

28.Nebraska                                                     955

29.Nevada                                                        489

30.New Hampshire                                          313

31.New Jersey                                                 360

32.New Mexico                                               273

33.New York                                                   372

34.North Carolina                                            389

35.North Dakota                                              855

36.Ohio                                                            566

37.Oklahoma                                                   467

38.Oregon                                                        285

39.Pennsylvania                                               701

40.Rhode Island                                               522

41.South Carolina                                            663

42.South Dakota                                              733

43.Tennessee                                                   N/A

44.Texas                                                          703

45.Utah                                                            217

46.Vermont                                                      881

47.Virginia                                                       308

48.Washington                                                 706

49.West Virginia                                              N/A

50.Wisconsin                                                    828

51.Wyoming                                                     807


How To Find A Good DUI Lawyer

Should you not seek the services of legal counsel, you’re forfeiting any opportunity you could have to contest the charge and waiving any possible legal defense you may have. Before deciding legal counsel, you should discover the price of representation. It is necessary you have an experienced, strategic drunk-driving attorney to lead you during this terrible ordeal.

An attorney may also take extra charges for the services that are direct regarding the circumstance. In this way, you’re going to be able to know more about the attorney you’re thinking about hiring. Obtaining a great lawyer will help save you from jail and guard your driving license. A great drunk-driving attorney is nothing less than vital whenever you are facing drunk-driving charges in your state. If you decide on a decent DUI attorney, then you are going to have the ability to get nearly all of these tests ruled as inadmissible in court.

Not only will you able to learn more regarding the attorney, but you will also receive more info on your case also. A decent lawyer will understand how to verify its accuracy. Hopefully, when you get a decent drunk-driving lawyer behind you, your case will not so much as wind up going to trial. An excellent DUI lawyer isn’t going to charge you for his consultation. After you’ve been charged with DUI, then a great lawyer will certainly fight for your right and can help you escape trouble.

A lawyer has the required experience and will understand how to start gathering evidence to aid in your case. Before hiring an attorney to represent you, there are numerous things you should figure out from her or him. If you’re uncertain if you will need a specialized Rolling Meadows DUI lawyer, consider the value which you put on your freedom.

There are numerous things to search for in a DUI lawyer. Locating an expert drunk-driving attorney can be your very best decision. Thus, the best thing which you could do is to quickly find a skilled and professional drunk-driving lawyer.

You might not have ever guessed you would require a DUI attorney. You have to contact a DUI lawyer when possible after being arrested for DUI. An excellent drunk-driving lawyer understands precisely how a drunk-driving conviction could impact your existence and fight aggressively all of the ways to get the very best outcome possible. Although locating a good drunk-driving attorney could be an intimidating task.

You are in need of a lawyer with five or more decades of experience. know-howCriminal lawyers arrive with varying levels of expertise and knowledge. An only skilled unlawful attorney can assist you when you’re facing some significant criminal charges, or you’re on the point of being punished for the crime you allegedly committed.

Some lawyers supply free consultation to their customers. It isn’t that much easy to learn qualified lawyers. There is numerous reason why you will need an experienced DUI lawyer working hard for you. Your DUI attorney will be able to allow the judge know about such circumstances and perhaps even make a positive effect on the results of your sentencing.

Can I get a DUI if Under The Influence of Illegal Substances?

The term DUI is commonly used to describe the crime of drunk driving, but according to the state law, the term driving under the influence also includes driving under the influence of illegal substances. So, this means alcohol intoxication is just one of the reasons you can get arrested for DUI. Alcohol is not the only substance that can affect your abilities to operate a vehicle properly. Many other substances can impair your judgment, motor skills, and reflexes. If you have been caught driving under the influence of drugs, including prescription medications or illegal drugs, it is likely you’ll end up with a DUI charge.

drunk-driving-accident-new_jerseySo, to immediately respond to your question, if you mix alcohol and drugs, operate a vehicle while under the influence of medicinal marijuana or legally prescribed medications such as muscle relaxers, or any other substance that can impair your ability to drive, you’re making an offense that will result in DUI charges. It doesn’t matter if your doctor has prescribed you medication or if you’re simply following your doctor’s orders. Medical advice cannot be used as a defense for drugged driving charges.

The Dangers of Drugged Driving

Drugged drivers are equally dangerous for traffic participants as drunk drivers. Research has shown that drivers under the influence of medications are more likely to cause severe car accidents than those who drive intoxicated by alcohol. These accidents are also more likely to result in severe injuries, physical disabilities, and death. To make matters even more serious, many drivers are caught driving while intoxicated both with drugs and alcohol. Mixing drugs with alcohol is very dangerous because it will impair a person’s judgment and abilities very fast and in a greater amount. In many cases, the driver can also be charged for illegal drugs possession. As you can see, operating a vehicle and using drugs is a severe offense that also has many grave consequences.

Common Effects of Drug Use

Different drugs and medications can affect people in different ways, but the only important thing is, there isn’t a drug that won’t seriously affect your ability to operate a vehicle safely. Drugs cloud our judgment and reduce our reaction time. If we don’t react in time and hit the brakes when we are supposed to, we will hit a pedestrian, a motorcyclist or even cause a major car wreck. Illegal substances impair our eyesight, making us unaware of our surroundings. They also impair us physically, inevitably leading to injuries of both the driver and other motorists.

Besides the mentioned effects, drugs can cause hallucinations and irrational behavior, causing the driver to lose sight of the task of driving and making him/her overwhelmed with emotions such as anger, fear, rage, anxiety. When we combine drugs with operating an automobile, the effects of it become dangerous for everyone on the road. That’s why those who drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol and cause injuries and death must be held accountable for their actions. If you have been caught driving while intoxicated, you should contact a DUI lawyer to help you avoid severe consequences of the charges and reduce the possible penalties.

What Are The Different Types Of DUIs?

A lot of people assume that DUIs are pretty clear cut. You’ll get a DUI if you are caught driving while under the influence of alcohol.

However, drunk driving laws are more complicated than a lot of people think. The charges that a person may face depend on a lot of different factors.

Here are a few of the different charges someone with a DUI might face.

DUIs for People With Commercial Licenses

If you are caught driving under the influence while driving an ordinary vehicle, you will almost certainly be charged. However, if you are caught drinking while driving a truck, bus, or another type of commercial vehicle, it is likely that your charges will be a lot more severe.

People with commercial licenses are held to a higher standard than people with ordinary licenses. When you are driving a larger vehicle, your capacity to do damages increases.

being pulled over at a DUI check point

Repeat DUI’s

If your DUI is your first event, you may get off fairly lightly. There is a very high chance that you will only have to pay a fine and have an infraction on your license.

However, if you continue to get DUIs, you will face much more severe punishments. In many states, there are mandatory punishments for repeated DUIs. It’s not at all unusual for people to lose their license as a result of their behavior.

DUIs And Other Offenses

If you are simply caught driving under the influence, that is the only thing that you will be charged with. However, if you are committing other offenses while driving drunk, you may be charged with an aggravated DUI.

One of the most common examples of this is speeding. If you are driving drunk and driving over the speed limit, your charges will be a lot more severe.

In some cases, a DUI charge could even be upgraded to a felony. Many people wind up facing prison time because of their behavior.

DUIs That Cause Accidents

When you drive under the influence, you put every person that is on the road with you at risk. In some cases, people are caught or make it home before they can cause any serious damage. In many other cases, however, DUIs wind up leading to much bigger problems.

If you hit a person, property, or another vehicle while you are driving drunk, the charges you are facing will increase. If you wind up causing a fatality, you may be charged with manslaughter as well.

People should know what the legal blood alcohol limit is in their state, and they should make sure that they never exceed that. If people suspect that they may have had too much to drink, they will have to find another form of transportation.

When it comes to driving under the influence, you really can’t afford to take any risks. There is a lot of damage that you could cause, and there are a lot of different charges that you could be facing. If you have been pulled over for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, it makes sense for you to have an experienced drunk driving attorney handle your case. You want to find the best dui legal defense you can find, and clearly explain your case in great detail. Most attorneys are willing to provide a free consultation in order to understand your potential defense strategies.  It makes sense to find one that is knowledgable in DUI as well as in the area in which you were arrested.  You want a local DUI attorney near you that can provide you with the best possible outcome when your court day approaches.